Cobra Kai Mystery Singer

Why Don’t You Adhere to a More Formal Publishing Schedule Like Other Sites?

If we are being honest, we tend to shy away when asked questions such as this. It’s like if you asked us if a pair of jeans made your backside look obtuse, we’d fake a heart attack or stage our own alien abduction before lying to you.

While we don’t feel the need to defend ourselves, sometimes it’s nice outside, or our cable is down. Enough said? No. Ok, for your sake, JL69, we will try to explain further.

As we stated previously,  we are honest. Honest enough to admit if it’s sunny outside or there’s a marathon of Burt Reynold’s movies screening on Pluto TV, none of us here at UnFumus are going to be cracking it on any personal work goals, if you know what I mean. We’re only human, after all. Unlike, which uses AI to generate its articles, we have to sit down and actually write our pieces. And if we are REALLY being honest, we love writing but hate the SEO Process. So, often our writers have dozens of articles ready to go, but then they sit around waiting to be “optimized.” I miss the days of a good old Gutenberg Press! Yes, I’m old.

We sincerely hope this answers your question. However, should you push further, we will be resort to bringing your grandma into this. That’s right; she has a strong opinion of how you look walking around Walmark in your Gi after class. Changing rooms exist for a reason, Mr. 69.

If that threat is not enough,  we will email you without warning, a doozy of a spoiler. Namely, who sings Survivor’s classic “The Moment of Truth, in The Karate Kid’s penultimate episode of Season 3.

And before you ask us why, she, I mean they, didn’t sing the more popular Joe Esposito song, “You’re the Best,” unlike the “no defense against it” crane, we DO have a defense against that question.

Apparently, in a rare show of restraint, series-creator Hayden Schlossberg admitted that even for Kobra Kai, using that song was a little too on the nose; thank you very much. But if you miss it that much, here you go!