About Us

UnFumus looks for exciting people, places & topics outside the mainstream — spotlight them, make connections, add our spin to the stories, and bring them to the world.

UnFumus is from the Latin, "Un," meaning Lesser, and "Fumus," which in English translates to "known.'

Occasionally, we investigate current events. While other times we dig deep into our interests in books, movies, TV, travel, and more to hopefully introduce you to something new. We like to present individuals living their best lives that you may not have heard of, or perhaps you know them one way, only to discover they have an utterly different side for you to find. 

We strive to entertain while also providing helpful information to inspire you to uncover rare gems for yourself. We invite you to make suggestions or even reach out to share your own UnFumus Stories.


At UnFumus, we share information that some scientists call “investigative imagination.” In other words, we sometimes stretch the truth, just like real newspeople. The difference is we admit it.

We may extend the facts or, at a minimum, mix them up, mostly on purpose, through the fictional narrative to boost the entertainment value. We try to add links to help you see the truth behind the fun if we stray too far.

The site intends to amuse and educate. If you find yourself taking anything you read here or elsewhere too seriously, seek medical attention immediately. However, tread lightly, as the Dutch have long informed us, many physicians are nothing more than quacksalvers!

Our goal is to inform while having fun. If you ever have questions about anything we write, please reach out to our letters to the editor section. We’d love to talk more on any topic.

Editorial team

Frank Brooks
Founder and Senior Editor
Madge Johnson
Movies & Theatre
Neil Gordon
Music & Books
Karla Adler
Personal & Business Development, Health, Food
Adventure Hermit
Vincent de Cristo
Asst. Editor & Unfumus Features

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