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I know my Latin, and Your Definition of “Un” and “Fumus” is Incorrect. Please, explain Yourself.

You caught us. “Un” technically translates to “not.” Fumus, which we thought wasn’t even a word, apparently translates to smoke, steam, fume, or halitus. Halitus made us think of halitosis, and everyone agreed bad-smelling breath was not our intent.

Our design department had finished the logo by then, and we all liked it. So, we decided to run with UnFumus and make up our own definition for reasons we explain here

However, for those that are sticklers, we concede that if you are a scholar of Latin, you are, in fact, reading something that translates to “Not Smelly Breath.” Which we all agree is better than promoting smelly breath. 

In conclusion, we recommend studying something other than Latin. Perhaps take up Sanskrit or Ancient Greek. But, perhaps not. By the time you get to the second declension of fumus, from the Esperanto, conditional of fumi or the Ido of the same conditional, you’d likely be back here bringing up steam again. And, Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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