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CODA The Movie 2021

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn READ THIS FIRST IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SEEING CODA 2021 for FREE – NO CATCH! CODA has been exclusively streaming on Apple+ after a short run in theaters. But, it will be returning to cinemas for FREE ...


Letters to the Editor

Questionable Responses to Real Questions

Screenshot Kimberly Sweet Brown Wilkins Letters to the Editor

I know my Latin, and Your Definition of “Un” and “Fumus” is Incorrect. Please, explain Yourself.

You caught us. “Un” technically translates to “not.” Fumus, which we thought wasn’t even a word, apparently translates to smoke, steam, fume, or halitus. Halitus ...
Cobra Kai Mystery Singer Letters to the Editor

Why Don’t You Adhere to a More Formal Publishing Schedule Like Other Sites?

If we are being honest, we tend to shy away when asked questions such as this. It’s like if you asked us if a pair ...